Antonino without brakes: “I’m not…”, the truth emerges

Antonino Spadaccino confessed some secrets. The singer let himself go into a little outburst, here’s what he said

Antoninus (real name Antonino Spadaccino) was a guest of Silvia Toffanin to very true. The Italian singer became famous way back in 2004, when he showed off during the television program Friends of Maria De Filippi. It was the fourth edition of the well-known show, still on the air today, always hosted by the wife of Maurice Costanzo. The first editions of this program have not been forgotten by the public, considering the response this interview has received.

Antonino Spadaccino and Silvia Toffanin (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

The Apulian singer, born in Foggia on March 9, 1983, he won Friends of Maria De Filippi, also winning the critics’ prize. After this great triumph, she has released four studio albums, the latest in 2016, and has participated in other TV shows. In November last year you won the 2022 edition of Such and Which Showtelevision program hosted by Charles Contibroadcast on Rai Uno.

Antonino was a guest of Silvia Toffanin to very true and made some statements that shocked the public. The singer spoke about his professional life, also focusing on his private sphere, speaking with an open heart and also dwelling on some negative moments of his life. His success didn’t change him, he remained the simple and genuine boy of 2004, here’s what he said to the microphones of Channel five.

Antonino guest of Toffanin: “I’m not a husband stealer”

Antoninus participated in the last episode of Verissimo, one of the top programs of the networks Mediasetbroadcast on Channel five. The presenter is Silvia Toffanin, always able to strike the right chord to allow his guests to open up and confess things they would never have said elsewhere, both in public and in private. Again, his guest released statements very interesting.

Antonino embraces Silvia Toffanin (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

The singer from Foggia admitted that he has a person in mind: “Unfortunately at the moment it is busy but I like it a lot”he said Swordsman, opening your heart without filters. Already during the program conducted by Maria DeFilippi, Antoninus he had proven to be a particularly outspoken person but also very fragile. And in the studies Mediaset confirmation has arrived.

Then he continued, explaining that the person he loves will have to solve his problems first and, if he were to return single, there could be some possibility for both: “I’m not a husband stealer”. Viewers of Channel five they listened very carefully to the words of Antoninuswho has repeatedly explained that he wants a meeting with the person he loves but that he will never try to separate him from his current partner.