Antonio Conte at Belve 2023, the confession to Francesca Fagnani on his farewell to Juventus

The guest coach tomorrow on Raidue: “I would like to experience places like Rome and Naples, I regret saying goodbye to the Bianconeri”

Antonio Conte regretted saying goodbye to Juventus in 2014. The Salento coach, currently out of action after the end of his adventure with Tottenham, confesses to Belve 2023, in the episode of the program hosted by Francesca Fagnani and broadcast tomorrow on Raidue. Conte does not hide the fact that in the future he could sit on the ‘hot’ benches of Rome or Naples, where José Mourinho and Rudi Garcia are not currently experiencing a brilliant moment. “Rome and Naples are certainly two places that I would like to experience, for the passion that these places convey to you. I hope that one day there will be the possibility of having this experience”, he says. Conte, however, would not take a team once the season has started: “No, because they are situations created beforehand”, he says before also answering questions about possible contacts with Roma.

The national team has lost coach Roberto Mancini who resigned in August to lead Saudi Arabia. “I don’t want to get into the issue and do something that bothered me in other circumstances”, Conte tries to gloss over. But Fagnani returns to the attack: “So you wouldn’t have gone to Saudi Arabia. You wouldn’t have left the national team.” According to the newspapers, Saudi Arabia would have made offers to everyone, I’m getting involved too”, says Conte melina, before revealing himself: “I refused. The national team is a matter, we are talking about club proposals. I think Mancini did something historic by winning the European Championship. Then there was certainly the non-participation in the World Cup… these are situations that leave wounds”. To Fagnani’s joke “she would never have recovered!”, Conte replies: “It would have been very hard. But in that case, maybe yes, I would have left afterwards.”

So, the confession: which goodbye was more painful? “What I certainly regretted a bit was the one at Juventus after three years. You know, when even for small things you see big problems… I then decided to leave.”

Among the various topics, the story regarding the Massimo Bochicchio scam is also touched upon. When Fagnani asks what idea he had of the affair, Conte comments: “It seemed strange to me, everything that happened when he returned to Italy, all this freedom that was given to him. It was clear that he had defrauded many people. Much more attention would have been needed and I think there was a bit of laxity from this point of view. Fagnani asks: have you managed to recover something? And Conte reveals: “One part, the other, we’ll see what it will happen”.