Antonio Conte coach of Napoli? Luciano Moggi votes ‘no’

The former director to Adnkronos: “As a coach he is certainly one of the best but coexistence with the president is at risk”

Antonio Conte on the Napoli bench? Luciano Moggi does not see rosy prospects for the possible marriage between the Salento coach and the Italian champion club, which could torpedo the coach Rudi Garcia. “Antonio is a sanguine person, he doesn’t seem like the right person to manage the relationship with Aurelio De Laurentiis. I think it’s hard for them to get along”, Moggi tells Adnkronos.

Garcia is increasingly in the balance after the double defeat at home against Real Madrid and Fiorentina. “As a coach, Antonio is certainly one of the best around but I would see coexistence with the Napoli president as very risky – underlines the former Juventus general director -. Among other things, Conte has already said he wants to stay out for a year and since he is one of his word, I think he will do so, especially because when he gets back into the game in June he will have no problems finding an important bench.” Moggi is skeptical about Conte’s possible return to the Juventus bench. “It could be anything but let’s not forget that Allegri also has a contract for next season.”

Conte and the future, what the coach said

Conte, yesterday at the Juventus party for 100 years of ownership by the Agnelli family, dribbled the question from Sky Sport: “Napoli? You must always have great respect and education. Will you see me again soon on the bench in Serie A? For now I’m enjoying myself the family. I made a fairly precise choice when I decided to stay with Tottenham… Basically there is the desire to rest and enjoy the family even a little bit. Then, you know that a lot of things can happen along the way.”