Antropophagus II, in national preview the sequel to Joe D’Amato’s cult splatter

Friday 25 March 2022 at the New Cinema Aquila of Rome, in via L’Aquila 66/74, the national preview, open to the public, of the film will take place starting at 20.30 – in compliance with the current legislation on the measures to combat and contain Covid-19 – Antropophagus IIsequel to the cult splatter directed in 1980 by Joe D’Amato aka Aristide Massaccesi and played by Margaret Mazzantini, Saverio Vallone, Serena Grandi And Tisa FarrowMia’s sister.

Produced by Gianni Paolucci and scripted by Lorenzo De Luca, Antropophagus II sees the prolific director of photography at the helm Dario Germanialready author, among other things, of the original thriller Letter H.inspired by the murders of the infamous Monster of Florence.

The cast of Antropophagus II it is made up Jessica Pizzi, Monica Carpanese, Giuditta Niccoli, Diletta Maria D’Ascanio, Valentina Capuano, Chiara De Cristofaro, Alessandra Pellegrino, Shaen Barletta, Lucio Massa and, in the role of the monster, Alberto Buccolini. Special makeup effects are edited by David Braccicoming from the sets of Dario Argento.

Antrophofagus II, the plot of the film

Can an adventure turn into the worst nightmare ever? Some university students let themselves be convinced by their teacher to go on an adventure inside an anti-atomic bunker, in order to acquire useful information for their theses. The temperaments and differences deriving from the heterogeneous social backgrounds of the girls promise an interesting but, at the same time, complicated weekend. A sinister caretaker accompanies them to the heart of the bunker, considered one of the safest places in the world, from which they will not be able to leave for twenty-four hours. Between amazement and disquiet, the women set up camp in a fetid makeshift dormitory. But during the night two of them disappear into thin air. Nora, the teacher, coordinates the research, which will soon suck the group into a deadly vortex engineered by the madness of a ferocious anthropophagus who, with unprecedented violence, disfigures them one by one and devours them.

The words of director Dario Germani

The director declares: “Antropophagus II was born from an intuition of Gianni Paolucci and Franco Gaudenzi, the latter former producer of Antropophagus and numerous other films directed by Joe D’Amato, often with executive production by Gianni. For them he was a great friend, with whom they shared many beautiful things. Among other things, we set it up in a period of full pandemic, when, due to the sudden total closure due to the Coronavirus, we could no longer leave for the Philippines, where we would have had to carry out inspections aimed at shooting other films. . So Franco and Gianni thought well that the only place where you could shoot something without being infected would be an anti-atomic bunker. The Soratte bunker, in our case, already built at the time of the First World War and which has fourteen kilometers of tunnels. In my opinion the real strength of the first Antropophagus lies in the choice to shoot a horror film almost completely in the light of the sun, so the most sensible thing to do for the sequel was to move away from the story of that anthropophagus by developing it all in the dark. Ours is also one of the first films shot with a BlackMagic 6K machine. I had never come across such an extreme product except as a director of photography, and I must say that it allows you to give more space to creativity. I am very proud to have undertaken in my small way in the footsteps of Massaccesi, who took care of photography and direction of his feature films. Finally, I specify that we shot in English and that the same actresses then dubbed themselves in Italian“.