Anuel AA approached Karol G again for this reason

anuel aa He surprised his fans with two big news. First, he will be a father with his wife. Yailin “The Most Viral”. And second, that he released a new video clip, as a preview of her new album.

The fans do not miss anything, and they are always in all the details. The first comments of the video were all good reviews, the followers of anuel They commented that the broadcast cut is very similar to Anuel’s beginnings in his career, so this new album seems to be promising. However, after the first hours of euphoria, the fans detected two very significant small details in the video.

In addition to the message that Anuel left at the end of the video for his son Pablito, the singer alludes to the terrible moment that he had to live when he was imprisoned, showing a summary of his day with his cellmates. But what most caught the attention of the public is the appearance of a girl, who in the plot of the video is presented as his girlfriend. The character is physically very similar to Carol G.. And the more than 30 million followers agreed without hesitation that Anuel had wanted to represent her.

The theories of the fans that confirm that it would be Carol G., go through the style of the character in the video. The clothes he wears resemble Karol’s at the time Anuel was taken to prison for illegal possession of weapons. Later, when Anuel can be seen writing in the video, they say that he wrote the name Carolina there, although in reality it says “33 songs” the number of songs on the new album called “Las Leyendas never die 2?

Anuel and Karol G. Source: Pinterest

“That woman is Karol G!” “I thought it was Karol on the phone.” “She is Carol G. in that video or did you look for a similar one with almost the same features hahaha, does it not exceed it or what? LOL”. “Are they my ideas or does the girl look like Karol G?” “Is Karol G the one that comes out on the other side of the phone?” “The model has a resemblance to Karol G.” “The model looks like Karol G at the time he was in prison, she had that hair color.” “Doesn’t the woman in the video look a bit like Karol G?” “I thought I saw what Carolina had written.” They were some of the comments that obtained the most likes on Anuel’s Instragram account.