Anuel AA joined Marc Anthony for this reason

Mark Anthony He has been one of the main celebrities involved in supporting Puerto Rico. Is that this past Sunday, Hurricane Fiona hit the country with heavy rains, winds and floods. This phenomenon caused flooded streets, blocked roads and downed power poles.

In the last days, Marc He published a photo of his country’s flag and a heartfelt message of support: “My people from Puerto Rico, we are known for being strong and for our faith and this will not be the exception! My prays are with you”. In the last hours, the hurricane reached the Dominican Republic, for which the salsa singer sent “a hug from a distance and all my solidarity to you and the entire Caribbean for what you are experiencing right now.”

Anuel AA, who was born in Carolina, a municipality located on the northeast coast of Puerto Rico, also sent her support through an Instagram story. “My God take care and protect Puerto Rico please!!!! I love you… I am here praying for everyone!!!!!!” Karol G’s ex-boyfriend singer wrote along with many flags from his country.

Post by Marc Anthony. Source: Instagram @marcanthony

Let us remember that his wife, known as Yailin La Más Viral, was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, a country that is also affected. But they were not the only celebrities who spoke about it. Jennifer Lopezborn in New York but of Puerto Rican origin, also did so in her stories.

Story of Anuel AA. Source: Instagram @anuel

“It is vitally important that we do what we can to help our families in Puerto Rico, and now in the Dominican Republic. I am partnering with the @hispanic_federation in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. These member organizations of the Hispanic Federation are on the ground evaluating what the real needs of the people on the islands are,” said the former Mark Anthony.

Post by Jennifer Lopez. Source: Instagram @jlo