Anuel AA launches against Shakira and Karol G and is the laughingstock of the Internet

The singer anuel aa 30 years old is one of the most controversial but also most listened to artists today. A few weeks ago he separated from his wife Yailin, the most viral after a year of love and on the eve of the birth of the first daughter in common Cataleya.

anuel aa He has not given details of the reasons for the separation and has only limited himself to saying that they are no longer together but that he will support Yailin, the most viral in his professional career. For her part, the Dominican calls for silence and on social networks she claims to be going through a strong depression and has already moved home.

anuel aa Meanwhile, he is concentrating on his work and is releasing new songs in front of his more than 31 million fans who follow him on social networks, but he set off alarm bells by wanting to make fun of his ex’s latest song. Carol G. with Shakira called ‘TQG’ that sweeps views since its premiere.

Anuel AA. Source: instagram @anuel

“Men don’t cry, men bill. #MasRicaQueAyer #Rompecorazones,” he wrote anuel aa in his last Instagram post and became the laughing stock of the camera’s social network as he received adverse comments from Internet users who accused him of not taking care of his son Pablo and not recognizing his daughter Gianella.

Anuel AA. Source: instagram @anuel

“Start billing to pay pensions hahahahaha by the way stop writing to her mijo that she doesn’t see from afar”; “At least create a phrase of yours, that sticks and that is original” ; “The bills are being passed to you Yailin, Melissa, and Astrid” ; and “With 3 children with a different wife, I don’t think Karol will send you a DM” were some of the reactions that anuel aa received in your post.