Anuel AA spoke for the first time about his alleged "unrecognized daughter"

The Puerto Rican singer anuel aa 30 years old, he is living his best professional and musical moment. In addition to releasing new songs and albums, a few weeks ago he announced that he will be his father with his wife. Yailin, the most viraland in this way showed that the relationship is more consolidated than ever.

Anuel AA and Yailin, the most viral They will be the parents of a girl they will call Cataleya, in honor of a vigilante woman who stars in the movie ‘La Colombiana’ and also because it is the name of a flower. The truth is that the Dominican is five months pregnant and that is why she had been absent from social networks.

In parallel, the Colombian model Melissa Vallecilla gave birth to a girl 6 months ago and assures that Gianella’s father is anuel aa. The woman says they met before the singer fell in love with her. Yailin, the most viraland that he promised to take charge of it, but until now he has not recognized it, on the contrary, he denies it.

Now anuel aa He gave an interview to the BibBoy TV program and there he referred for the first time to this non-assumed paternity with Gianella, and made it clear that for him it simply does not exist. “You are about to have a princess,” the host of the broadcast told him, and the singer replied “Yes.”

Melissa Vallecilla and Gianella, the unrecognized daughter of Anuel AA. Source: instagram @meli__valle

“Five months pregnant, it’s my first girl, my son is nine years old. But a girl is a different vibe,” she added. anuel aa making it clear that he only has two children Pablo and Cataleya who is on the way. But the repercussions on social networks were not good at all and the fans continue to demand that he take care of Gianella.