Anuel AA spoke for the first time about the two daughters he had after Karol G

The Puerto Rican singer anuel aa 30 years old, he never ceases to surprise his fans with his personal news. The artist uses his social networks where he accumulates more than 32 million followers from all latitudes to launch important communications such as his separation.

Now anuel aa He left his fans frozen by recognizing his daughter Gianella who is a few months older than Cattleya, the heiress he had a few weeks ago with his ex-wife Yailin, the most viral. The singer published a series of postcards with Pablo, his eldest son with his ex-girlfriend Astrid Cuevas and there he broke the news.

“@pabloanuelgaz yes, you have two beautiful little sisters and soon we will all be together one day soon,” he said anuel aa at the beginning of the commented publication to later explain how things happened. “I cannot, nor will I ever leave any daughter abandoned, no matter the circumstances of how everything happened… my heart does not give me the option to abandon and not love a daughter,” added the singer.

Anuel AA and his son Pablo. Source: instagram @anuel

Then anuel aa charge against Gianella’s mother and said: “If it came out that it is mine, then it is mine! I am a man! I respected and respect my ex-partner for the negative way with so much evil in which he came out saying that he was with me 8- 9-10 months in a relationship when I only saw her for 4 or 5 hours and I didn’t think anything until I said she was a liar on live because it was only one night of sex.”

Gianella and her mom Melissa Vallecilla. Source: instagram @meli_valle

Finally anuel aa clarified that he did not deceive Carol G. nor to Yailin the most viral and commented: “That was when I did not know my ex-partner and I was not with Karol nor had I been single for almost a whole year and he said that he had been with me for 9 or 10 months as a girlfriend or as my wife when in reality I had been with him for 8 months my current partner back then and the times never crossed.”