Anuel AA: these are the businesses that increased the singer’s fortune

Puerto Rican singer Anuel AA 29 years old manages to always be on the cover of all the media and to be a topic of conversation on social networks. In addition to her music, what is striking is the extravagant life of luxury that she leads and that is thanks to her wealth of more than 20 million dollars.

Anuel AA He has several businesses that help him increase his fortune in addition to his records, songs and presentations around the world. The first of them has to do with his own clothing brand, it bears his name and includes t-shirts, caps, key chains and other merchandising elements.

Anuel AA. Source: instagram @anuel

other business of Anuel AA It is the line of sneakers that it has in conjunction with the Reebook brand, this launch was made a few weeks ago and it is already bearing fruit. The singer used his social networks where he has more than 29 million followers to promote these products.

Anuel AA. Source: instagram @anuel

did the same Anuel AA with the Hawkers brand with which he associated to create a line of sunglasses in which he left his unique style. They sold out a few days after going on sale. On the other hand, the singer bought his own professional basketball team in Puerto Rico called Capitanes de Arecibo. These have already given him profits with championships won, ticket sales and merchandising.

Anuel AA He is also the face of the UFC advertising campaign and promotes the events of this sport that he is passionate about. An investment that the artist made in the long term is the important collection of watches that he has, some he uses and others he treasures to later sell them at a higher price than he bought them.