Apex Legends: Hunt, the update introduces new heroes, scenarios and skins

Already available for all platforms

EA and Respawn Entertainment announced Apex Legends: Huntthe latest update of the shooter. Hunting introduces the new Legend Vantage, able to see a threat from its sniper scope from thousands of meters away, plus a reformed Canyon Dei Kings map with the new Relic Point of Interest, the latest Battle Pass and more . The new character, Vantage, was born of an unjustly convicted criminal who gave birth to her alone on the arid frozen planet Págos, and as a result she is capable of withstanding any storm. Accompanied only by her winged companion Echo and forced to live in a hostile land, she has become the ultimate survivor and expert marksman. The update also introduces the new Canyon of the Reforged Kings map, and the level cap increase: as the ascent continues, players can collect Legend Tokens and Apex Packs. Also available is the Hunting Battle Pass, with skins for Wraith, Caustic, Wingman, Vantage, Bangalore and Horizon. The Battle Pass also features a new music pack, loading screens, emotes, banner frames and weapon charms, and for the first time, some challenges can be completed in a player’s choice mode, giving them the flexibility to complete the game. Battle Pass in his own way.