Apple, a Watch band that changes color thanks to an app

A similar technology is used today for the rear view mirrors of hi-tech cars

Apple has registered a patent for a new, very special type of strap for its Watches: it would be able to change color thanks to a combined app. The patent also describes it as being able to show logos, writings and notifications thanks to the pattern change. The material of the strap contains electrochemical elements, capable of changing color in the face of electrical stimuli. A similar technology is used today for the rear-view mirrors of hi-tech cars, which are able to increase or decrease the opacity with a mechanical command, or for the windows that are able to darken in the same way. The Apple patent in particular shows a strap divided into three different areas that can color independently. It is obviously a project only registered that could never see the light, but also a future technology that could be very interesting for the Apple Watch strap market, one of the most profitable for Apple.