Apple, from MacBooks to iPhones: the technological innovations arriving in 2023

Technology is also looking to 2023, and as always there is a lot of anticipation for the news coming from Apple in the new year. Bearing in mind that nothing is certain yet, here’s what we know, from MacBooks to iPhones to VR/AR headsets.


According to Bloomberg, in the new year – probably in the second half – the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips could arrive. Instead, a MacBook Air with 15.5-inch display should arrive in the spring, then at the end of the year – or maybe in 2024 – a more compact 12-inch version.


As for the iMac, Bloomberg reports that the new version with the M3 chip could arrive towards the end of 2023, after an autumn presentation. News is also expected on the Mac Mini, perhaps with an M2 chip, and on the Mac Pro, whose version with Apple’s chip should host an M2 Ultra.


New iPad Pro and Air could arrive with the new M3 chip, but probably not before the end of 2023. Among the hypotheses also a new Apple Pencil USB-C for iPad 10 or a new iPad 11 with support for Apple Pencil 2.


In the field of phones, a new SE could arrive, larger and with a design similar to that of the iPhone XR. There is still a mystery about the iPhone 15, but it will certainly have the USB-C port.


Among the hypotheses for 2023 also the launch of new AirPods Max, similar in design to the current model. Here too it is not excluded that the USB-C port will arrive for the new cases.

The VR/AR headset

These are just rumors, but 2023 could be the year in which Apple will launch the new VR / AR viewer: but nothing is certain yet.