Apple hires AI experts, “artificial intelligence will change iPhone forever”

In the last month, 28 new ads were posted for senior positions related to generative AI

While Google and Microsoft are very clear about their enthusiasm for artificial intelligence, Apple’s plans for it are still shrouded in mystery. The Cupertino-based company could unveil something more at WWDC in June, but in the meantime, in May alone, Apple released 28 new job ads focused on artificial intelligence, including requests for positions such as computer engineers, researchers, project managers . Even more, Apple is convinced that generative AI, the same at the basis of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, will transform Apple devices forever. The fact that the company has published as many as 28 ads for leading positions in the AI ​​sector alone suggests that the company’s plans in this regard are imminent. In total, there are 88 Apple job postings with the word “AI” in the title, more than a third were posted this month and half are from this year, a clear sign that Apple isn’t resting on its laurels when it comes to artificial intelligence. Tim Cook, CEO of the company, has repeatedly reiterated that generative intelligence is a very interesting technology, but that at the moment it has several problems to be placed on the consumer market. Just look at the controversy around ChatGPT, the OpenAI bot that has opened a window on the risks of generative AI without control. Google, on the other hand, is gradually integrating AI into its web search, for starters.