Apple is moving towards EU charging standards for iPhones from 2023

Starting next year, Apple could change the charging port on the iPhone 15 arriving, in fact, in 2023, thus passing from today’s Lightning to the standard

USB-C. The company thus responds to the pressure of the European Union to adopt a standard of single power supply for technological devices.

80% of smartphones and tablets already use the USB-C

Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s expert analyst, revealed to Bloomberg that the American giant would be working on accessories, including AirPods and peripherals such as mice and keyboards, which are recharged via USB-C. The analyst also shared this information on his Twitter profile where in recent days he had anticipated the hypothesis that Apple would redesign the iPhone to equip it with the standard by the second half of 2023. News in fact confirmed by Bloomberg. According to data cited last year by the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee of the European Union, around 80% of smartphones and tablets on the market already use USB-C, with iPhones being the only exception among the most famous brands.

The Apple market

From the first iPhone in 2007 to the iPhone 4s in 2011, Apple used the 30-pin connector. Starting with the iPhone 5, the company has switched to the Lightning port, which can be plugged into charging from either side, just like the Usb-C. The choice of a proprietary connector has allowed the American brand to control the range of accessories compatible with its products, effectively creating a market in its own right and unique. However, Apple may decide to sell an adapter to allow people to continue using gadgets with Lightning inputs even on iPhones with a USB-C charging port. To date, the only Apple devices with standard input are the 11 ” and 12.9 ” iPad Pro, 4th generation iPad Air, and 6th generation iPad mini. generation.