Apple launches the affordable Pencil with USB-C input

The pen loses wireless charging but is compatible with all iPad models on the market

Apple has announced the arrival on the market of a new, cheaper version of the Apple Pencil, equipped with a USB-C connector. This iPad accessory will be available at a cost of 95 euros and will feature a sliding cap that reveals the port for charging and connecting the pen. It also attaches magnetically to the side edge of an iPad, including the 10th-generation model launched last year. The more affordable price means that this version of the Pencil won’t include some of the advanced features found in the first- and second-generation models. This device will not support pressure sensitivity, wireless pairing and charging, or the double-tap feature that allows you to quickly switch between tools. However, it still remains compatible with the “hover” function (hovering the cursor without touching the screen) in the M2 models of the iPad Pro.

The first Apple Pencil model used a Lightning connector that protruded to connect to the iPad’s charging port, while the second-generation model allowed wireless charging but was not compatible with the 10th-generation iPad launched last year. The new Apple Pencil USB-C is compatible with a wide range of iPads, including the third-sixth generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the first-fourth generation 11-inch iPad Pro, the fourth-generation iPad Air and fifth generation, the tenth generation iPad, and the sixth generation iPad Mini. This version will be available in early November. The second generation Apple Pencil (149 euros) and the first generation Apple Pencil with Lightning connector (119 euros) remain on the market.