Apple Music, the 2021 ranking: Sangiovanni in the lead, Blanco dominates

Apple Music today unveils the most important songs of the year with its annual Top 100 charts. For the first time, Apple Music reveals the Top 100 2021: Fitness – highlighting the most played songs during workouts on Apple Music and Fitness + – in addition to his own Top songs of 2021 more reproduced, Top 100 2021: Shazam, Top 100 2021: most read texts. The global charts highlight and celebrate another incredible musical year, and together they offer a unique and global perspective on the most listened to music internationally. Read the Apple Music Top charts for 2021 below, and listen to the playlists – complete Top 100 charts on Apple Music by visiting

Top songs of 2021: Italy:
Malibù – Sangiovanni
You drive me crazy – Blanc & Sfera Ebbasta
Sleepless nights – Blanco
Mille – Fedez, Achille Lauro & Orietta Berti
Our song – Mace, Blanco & Salmo
Shut up and Good – Måneskin

Lady – Sangiovanni
New Range – Rkomi, Sfera Ebbasta & Junior K
Starting with you – Rkomi
Voice – Madane
Light Music – Colapesce & Dimartino
Awake – Gazelles
Baby – Sfera Ebbasta & J Balvin
A Sudden Kiss – Rocco Hunt & Ana Mena
Blinders – Blanco
Save Your Tears – The Weekend
Privé Bottles – Sfera Ebbasta
Loca – Aka 7even
Pistolero – Elettra Lamborghini
Stop and Watch – Hernia & Nuclear Tactical Penguins
I wanna be your slave – Måneskin
The Genesis Of Your Color – Irama
Superclassic – Hernia
I miss you – Aka 7even
Full moon Rkomi, Irama & Shablo

It has always been one of my dreams to reach as many people as possible with my music ” he has declared Saint John “A dream that this year came true and I sincerely thank all the people who listened to me on Apple Music until I became the artist with the most listened to song in Italy in 2021.”

Top songs of 2021: global

The most played songs of the year around the world on Apple Music

After a year of the world’s population being indoors, 2021 represented the desire to go outdoors. The chart shows the most streamed songs worldwide on Apple Music between October 16, 2020 and October 15, 2021, and is a mirror of that feeling of escapism and hope – a mix of exciting new hits that has helped “Shake” the world and awaken it from its stasis, parallel to the favorite songs we went back to when that invitation to wake up was too abrupt. What all the songs have in common, from the latest hip-hop release to the wave of artists streaming to the massive K-pop poised to take over globally, is that they brought comfort and catharsis at a time when we all needed it.

Top 100 2021: Most read texts

Microphone test! These are the songs our users sang this year.

Each year, Apple Music reveals which song lyrics have been most read – and certainly sung – by fans around the world. There Top 100 2021: Most read texts is presented through a karaoke-ready playlist, which you can find here. The top of the charts this year is dominated by Olivia Rodrigo, the TikTok phenomenon turned pop star, with three songs in the top 10. “drivers license,” her smash hit single released in January when she was only 17, is a vivid postcard that masterfully portrays adolescent vulnerability and heart problems – intense, anguished and melodramatic. It’s a kind of great pleasant ballad that makes you want to listen to it while you drive by: “And you’re probably with that blonde girl / Who always made me doubt / She’s so much older than me / She’s everything I’m insecure about.

Top 100 2021: Fitness

The most played songs this year during workouts on Apple Music and Fitness +

Whether it’s for a positive and energizing atmosphere, to enter a deep state of motivation, or to remind us of a great night, the music we choose is very personal. There Top 100 2021: Fitness by Apple Music is an overview of which songs were the right soundtrack for workouts in 2021. Collects data from Apple Music Fitness playlists, the music used by the Fitness + trainer team for the Studio Series, the Fitness + Featured Artists collection , and even the same workouts as Fitness + – all of which represent the most energetic music we’ve heard this year.

Top 100 2021: Shazam

Find out which songs received the most Shazam in 2021 in the world.

Think back to the last year: How many times have you used Shazam to identify a song? Are you one of 11.7 million fans who have used the app to discover Masked Wolf’s “Astronaut in the Ocean” title? The Australian hip hop artist’s unexpected hit may have been released in 2019, but after the viral hit on TikTok it received more Shazam than any other song in the world during 2021 – and with some detachment. The Weeknd is second with 8.5 million Shazams for “Save Your Tears,” while Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits” received 8.1 million. To celebrate this very rich end-of-year chart, with Shazam you can get up to 5 months of Apple Music for free. Simply visit and redeem the offer to join Apple Music and hear all the best in ad-free music (offer applies to new subscribers only; terms and conditions apply).