Apple, off to the do-it-yourself: from today it is possible to repair iPhone and Mac by yourself

As of today, private customers in Europe can also repair certain Apple products themselves at home: iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and Mac notebooks with Apple chips. In fact, the eagerly awaited Self Service Repair programme, already operational overseas, is starting, which allows all those who like to repair objects with their own hands to access the official manuals, original spare parts and also the tools needed to carry out these repairs.

How the program works

Starting today, therefore, Apple explains, Italian customers but also those in Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom will be able to access the program that allows you to repair the most popular Apple gadgets yourself . But only, Apple advises, if they’re really capable of it. This is because, compared to the models of a few years ago, the more we go on, the more the products are repairable, and the spare parts are easily replaceable. Just make a comparison between the iPhone 14 and the first iPhone: in the first there were no replaceable parts, in the latest model it is possible to replace practically everything, from the SIM tray to the battery, from the logic board to the display to the camera. But let’s get into the details of the program. Customers who prefer to repair a product themselves, who think they know how to do it and who enjoy doing it once registered can access the repair manuals (they will also be in Italian) which explain exactly how each part is replaced. They will then be able to order both the original spare parts needed (the same ones supplied at Apple Stores and Authorized Service Centers) and rent for a few days all the special tools needed to carry out the repair, such as dynamometric screwdrivers, repair trays, presses.

What happens next

If the repair is successful, it will then be possible to send the replaced parts back to Apple: the company undertakes, in fact, to send them to reconditioning and recycling centers (here our visit to Daisy in the Netherlands, the robot that recycles iPhones ). If, on the other hand, you realize that you are unable to carry out the repair, you can always contact an authorized assistance center to be able to continue. It is obviously to be taken into consideration that any damage caused during the repair is not covered under warranty, for this reason Apple points out that for the vast majority of customers, go to a professional repair center with certified service technicians who use parts originals remains the safest, most effective and reliable way to get a repair.