Apple revolution: here’s which devices will lose the Lightning port for USB-C

The iPhone 15 line will not be the only one to change the charging connector

As is now largely confirmed by the rumors that arise from Apple’s production chains, the next iPhones will abandon the Lightning connector for recharging in favor of USB-C. After a good ten years of using its proprietary technology, the Cupertino-based company was forced to come to terms with the new charging standard, which it has already been using for a few years on iPads and Macs. Thanks to the Union’s decision European Union, which will make the standard mandatory for all smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and keyboards starting from 2024, and for computers from 2026, Apple is preparing to bring new versions of devices to the market that still use Lightning, even if not everyone. The first will be the iPhones, which with the fifteenth generation, arriving in September 2023, will offer USB-C across the entire line, with advantages not only in terms of ease of recharging but also in terms of features: with the new cable introduced faster charging times, but also greater fuel efficiency. It’s not hard to imagine that Apple, now at the peak of the improvements that can be introduced annually to a smartphone line and running out of revolutions in design, could center the marketing of the next phone as the fastest to recharge ever and the one with the battery that lasts longer than any other model.

And if the Apple TV 4K remote control has already been modified with this year’s version, all Mac accessories will immediately follow: Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard. According to rumors that come directly from the Apple factories, the USB-C version of all these devices is ready to launch simultaneously with the iPhone 15. But there is another accessory that will be updated together with the phone, namely the AirPods Pro by second generation, launched last year. Apple’s wireless earphones will get this small upgrade that will replace the model currently on sale, remaining equipped with a wireless charging case. The third generation AirPods and AirPods Max, on the other hand, will still remain with Lightning for some time, it seems until 2024, when Apple will be forced to update them to continue selling them also in the Old Continent.