Apple: The app ecosystem is worth 1.1 trillion dollars

In anticipation of WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference staged next week, the Cupertino-based company has released data relating to the app ecosystem and the App Store every year. An ecosystem that proves to be alive, dynamic and above all profitable: just think that last year it generated a turnover of 1,100 billion dollars (just over one thousand billion euros), an increase of 29 percent compared to the year previous. In Italy the turnover is equal to 4.9 billion dollars, just under 4.6 billion euros. The figure was released by Apple after an independent study conducted by Analysis Group economists. The App Store, they explain from Apple, “continues to create incredible opportunities for developers around the world,” with revenues for developers equal to about 90 percent of total revenues.

The data in detail

The app industry supports more than 4.8 million jobs in the US and Europe, 2.4 in each region. There are 1.8 million apps in the App Store, consulted every week by 650 million people worldwide, with an average of 747 million downloads. According to what was declared by the Cupertino company, the turnover of developers can be considered more than flourishing: in fact, it increased by 29 percent between 2021 and 2022, with a very important success recorded above all by small companies, which recorded revenues that grew by 71 percent between 2020 and 2022. More concretely, the invoicing of digital goods and services increased (21 percent in two years, with very significant growth in the post-pandemic), the travel sales, the car lifts industry and food home deliveries. The entertainment category also did very well, also following the emergence of significant trends in recent years such as the creator economy and apps that support this industry.

An ecosystem present in 175 stores worldwide

Remind Apple that the App Store provides a global distribution platform that supports over 195 local payment methods and 44 currencies across the 175 store online throughout the world, thus giving developers the opportunity to reach users in other countries and, therefore, to make themselves known and make a fortune abroad as well. Fifteen years after its launch in 2008, app makers have a number of ways to monetize their apps such as the ability to receive in-app purchases and subscriptions as well as educational resources such as programs that provide tools for learning to code and develop your business.