Apple: This is how we protect user health data

How important is it to keep your most private data under control, such as those relating to health? Apple’s campaign kicks off today to highlight the company’s focus on health and fitness data privacy, which includes a new commercial, a white papers and billboards.

The actions put in place by Apple

Privacy is a fundamental human right and that is why, they tell us from Apple, that we have worked to make the Health app on iPhone and Apple Watch increasingly “transparent”, so that it is always very simple and immediate to understand which data are shared and with whom. Among the actions implemented by Apple there is the minimization of the information the company and other people can access, data processing carried out almost entirely on the device (and, therefore, not on external servers), and an option sharing of data with other people such as partners, family members or doctors can be activated only after explicit authorization by the user. Also when the Apple device is locked (with passcode or biometric authentication) all these types of data are encrypted and are inaccessible, same thing for the information in iCloud backup. Finally, apps that want access to reading this data must explain concretely why they need this data, which cannot be used for marketing purposes.

Apple’s campaign

Starting today Apple will release a comical and grotesque commercial (very effective in our opinion), which tells the story of people whose health data is shared by third parties without their consent, directed by director Craig Gillespie. Furthermore, a document has been published on the Apple website that provides an overview of how the Health app and the HealthKit platform protect user privacy. The campaign, Apple explains, will involve 24 nations starting this summer, in Italy there will be billboards in Rome and Milan.