Apple Vision Pro: starting with more than 150 3D films

Immersive and innovative cinematic experience, is the game changer coming with the new Apple device?

Apple recently announced that its highly anticipated device, Apple Vision Pro, will offer users More than 150 3D movie and TV show options at launch. The Apple Vision Pro is designed to provide an immersive experience. While the device is compatible with any TV show or movie available through the Apple TV app, Apple has specifically updated some titles with 3D technology to offer an even more realistic and compelling experience.

When watching a non-3D TV show or movie on the Vision Pro, users will feel like have a 3 meter wide screen in front of them. With an extraordinary 4K resolution for each eye and HDR support, the level of detail and vibrancy on the screen will be unmatched. You will be completely immersed in the content, as if you were at the center of the action.

Apple Immersive Video is a revolutionary entertainment format developed by Apple for the Vision Pro. It allows users to become part of the action with 180-degree 8K 3D video recording. These videos include Spatial Audio, creating a three-dimensional soundscape that matches the images perfectly. Whether you’re watching an action-packed adventure or a thrilling sporting event, you’ll feel like you’re really there. Apple has also been working on interactive experiences using this technology, such as “Encounter Dinosaurs,” bringing these prehistoric creatures to new life.

Vision Pro isn’t just for movies and TV shows. It also offers an impressive selection of games for enthusiasts. With support for over 250 titles on Apple Arcade, gaming enthusiasts will have a vast library of games at their disposal. Even if you don’t have a sophisticated gaming setup, you can still enjoy these games in 2D using a controller.

What is truly exciting, however, is the selection of “space games” specially designed for the Vision Pro. These games take full advantage of the device’s capabilities, transforming the space around players and offering unique and immersive gaming experiences. Among the noteworthy space games available are Game Room, What the Golf? and Super Fruit Ninjawhich will transport you to another dimension where you will feel part of the game itself.

The analyst ofto supply chain Ming-Chi Kuowhich closely follows Apple’s production plans, said that For launch day, February 2, “Apple will produce 60,000 to 80,000 units of Vision Pro“, with approximately 500,000 shipments expected in 2024.