April 25, Anpi procession in Rome. The partisan Iole: “Keep on fighting”

Many flags of Italy, the red flags and also the banners of Emergency and the CGIL

There are about 10 thousand protesters at the procession organized by the Anpi in Rome on the occasion of the 78th anniversary of the Liberation from Nazi-fascism. The demonstrators, starting from Largo Bompiani, crossed the neighborhoods of Tor Marancia, Garbatella and Ostiense, until they arrived at Porta San Paolo. Upon arrival the organizers from the stage pointed out that it is about the “largest April 25 in recent years” thanking “the partisans who are here with us and the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri”.

At the initiative for April 25 there are the local sections of the Anpi representing the different districts of the capital from Centocelle to the Esquiline up to the Appio, Capannelle and Quarto Miglio. Along the procession among the many flags of Italy, the Anpi and the red flags and also the banners of Emergency and the CGIL.

THE PARTISAN IOLE MANCINI – “I’m here again this year. It’s nice to be here, to see so many Romans who have come to where the resistance was born. Bitter and terrible memories help me live to never forget. Never forget who gave his life for this free Italy”, said the partisan Iole Mancini, 103, speaking from the ANPI stage in Porta San Paolo. “I’m happy to be here with you, it means that our dead who sacrificed their lives did not die in vain – she added – Keep fighting because it’s not over, we are in the midst of a return of nostalgics who speak because they don’t know the conditions in which I lived at the time. At my age it’s not easy to be here, but the will is always there”.

In his message Fabrizio De Santis, president of the provincial PNA of Rome, instead asked for the resignation of the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa. “He said he will do something that will get everyone to agree, so we are waiting for his resignation. Instead, we thank the municipal administration of Rome: the Capitoline Assembly has approved an act to name four streets in Rome after as many partisans”, he said he stated.

Even the deputy of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti he returns to the controversy over the declarations of Ignazio La Russa: “It is very sad because a lot of coherence is needed on such delicate issues. Today Ignazio La Russa must say thanks to the partisan struggle because he was elected by a Senate that was elected by the citizens. With Fascism wasn’t like that. And therefore all Italian men and women owe something to the partisans and the resistance because they have given freedom back to everyone”. “And speaking of the controversies on the difference between the partisans and the role of the communists, let us never forget that one of the three signatures on the republican constitution is Umberto Terracini, an Italian communist and therefore we are there also because that was a great story like that precisely of the various souls of the resistance”, he added.

The mayor of Rome is also at the procession Robert Gualtieri: “Today is a celebration for everyone established in 1946. It’s a beautiful day”.

“Two years ago the fascists attacked the national headquarters of the CGIL, not 78 years ago but two years ago. We need to break up the fascist organizations, this thing is worth more than a thousand acts. The bandamo is simply violence”, recalled the general secretary instead of the Cigil Maurizio Landini.