April 25, Brothers of Italy against Lucia Annunziata

“Accusations unacceptable to the government”

Brothers of Italy against Lucia Annunziata after the episode of Half an hour more aired today. “Once again Lucia Annunziata never misses an opportunity to express her contempt for this government, launching yet another very harsh attack for no reason. Her last pearl is to define this ‘April 25 different from all the others: a 25 April of denial of rights”. But what rights is he talking about? What rights is the Meloni government denying? But Annunziata is speaking as a journalist or as a political militant? “, says Tommaso Foti, group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the Chamber.

“It is against all balance in information -adds the exponent of Fdi- that whoever is called upon to perform a public service function expresses himself so biasedly towards the Government. A Government that -Annunziata likes it or not- is the result of the vote of the Italians. After the direct bad word during the confrontation with Minister Roccella, today there is a relapse. Just like when, in 2013, the then national secretary of the PDL was a guest, the presenter herself allowed herself to affirm, addressing the center-right ” you are unpresentable”. In short: Lucia loses her hair but not her vice”.

“What are the rights that the government is denying? Lucia Annunziata’s statements are an unacceptable accusation because they are filled with a blatant falsehood. The unfortunate connection between April 25 and the ways in which the Government is dealing with immigration are only the latest attack of a clear and offensive partisanship on public television, of which Lucia Annunziata is making herself the protagonist”, says Augusta Montaruli, of Fratelli d’Italia, vice president of the parliamentary supervisory commission.

“Rai – he adds – cannot be the ideological cudgel towards the Government by giving a distorted view of its work. The attitude assumed in the broadcast, not for the first time, is a violation of pluralism which we will ask for in the hearings already scheduled in supervisory commission”.

“Lucia Annunziata just can’t help but be partisan. She can’t help but attack the center-right. Annunziata is a public service journalist. And the public service cannot be reduced to a propaganda tool for her own personal political vision”, says the deputy by Fdi Gianluca Caramanna, member of the Rai Supervisory Commission.

“Once again Lucia Annunziata puts public service aside to make room for partisanship and propaganda. We are faced with an offensive and unacceptable behavior that questions the work of the Government in matters of rights without any argument. Rai is not a club of a party nor even less an electoral tribune where rallies can continue to be held with the money from the license fee paid by the Italians”, said the Senator of the Brothers of Italy Gaetano Nastri, also a member of the Rai Supervisory Commission.