April 25, Mattarella pays homage to the Altare della Patria

Also present were Prime Minister Meloni and the presidents of the Senate and Chamber La Russa and Fontana

The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, paid homage to the Altare della Patria on the occasion of the Anniversary of the Liberation. He was welcomed by Defense Minister Crosetto. Also present were Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the presidents of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies Ignazio La Russa and Lorenzo Fontana. After placing the crown to the Unknown Soldier, the head of state stopped for a moment of reflection and listened to the national anthem.

At the end of the ceremony, Mattarella, accompanied by the Minister of Defence, will go to Cuneo to pay homage to the Monument of the Resistance, will visit the Casa Galimberti Museum privately, then at the Torselli Theater he will speak at the commemorative ceremony on April 25th. In the afternoon, starting at 15.30, Mattarella will be in Borgo San Dalmazzo, at the Memorial of the deportation Museum Memo4345, which recounts the Shoah and remembers in particular the Jews deported from this country.

Then it will be in Boves at the Monument to the Resistance. Here a massacre of innocent civilians by the Nazi army took place on 19 September 1943. Two other massacres, still in the same town in the province of Cuneo, took place between 31 December 1943 and 3 January 1944. To unleash the roundups and the repression of the German military were the kidnapping of two SS soldiers and the death of a third at the hands of the local partisan formation commanded by Ignazio Vian, one of the first to arise in Italy.