April 25, Pingitore: “No more divisions about the past”

The writer, theater director and patron of the ‘Bagaglino’: “Unity on the values ​​of the Constitution which is anti-fascist – Do not delve into the furrows of politics but look to the future”

“Efforts should be made, on the part of everyone, left and right, to really find, even in the date of the 25 Aprila point of encounter and solidarity, of national unity beyond all political divisions, without trying to deepen the furrows that, among Italians, do not exist”. This is the hope of Pier Francesco Pingitorewriter, theater director, patron of ‘Bagaglino’, interviewed by AdnKronos on the eve of the Liberation Day.

“The great mass of Italians feels a substantial unity in the face of the democratic values ​​of our Constitution, which is obviously anti-fascist and is our guide – he underlines Pincer – No more hesitations and no more controversy! In the common feeling of Italians, I truly believe that these divisions do not exist, that they belong only to the political theater”.

After all, observe Pincer“we’re talking about events related to almost eighty years ago, many don’t even know exactly what we’re talking about when we celebrate April 25th… We try to look more to the future than to the past, even if everyone can look to the past with their own sensitivity and without straining their respective consciences. But the important thing today is to be aware of the values ​​that govern our society and to share them. Words of serenity and unity are needed in the face of the fundamental values ​​of freedom, democracy and Constitution“, concludes Pier Francesco Pingitore.

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)