April 25, Simona Marchini, ‘shameful discussions, it is the country’s founding day’

“April 25 is a founding date for a radical change in the country, from fascism we have passed to the Republic. We must respect this anniversary”. This is what the actress and director Simona Marchini told Adnkronos.

And he added: “It seems indecent today, after so many years, not to celebrate this date. There’s no arguing. In other times, when there was perhaps more democratic awareness, the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa would have been politely invited to leave his office. Pathetic, shameful – continued Simona Marchini – that there is still discussion about April 25, something that is the history of the country, a day-foundation of our democracy, a deterioration of our politics. I emphasize that I am saddened, disgusted by the level of the discussion – she continued – I am indignant above all as an Italian citizen and a particularly motivated woman. My father was a partisan, silver medal, my mother was a partisan relay”.

Why in Italy every year, on the eve of April 25, are the ‘quarrels’ between men and parties renewed? “We are a brilliant people – replied Simona Marchini – the most talented on earth, but we have a limit, unfortunately we sin of indifference”.