Aquaman: the review of the film with Jason Momoa and Amber Heard

“Water is excellent”, said Pindar, someone who knew a lot about heroes, myths and kings. Not to mention that water covers 71 percent of the earth’s surface. So it is not surprising that in 1941 Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris invented a superhero capable of breathing underwater and conversing with all marine creatures. Of course, over time Aquaman’s look has changed and adapted to the times. Goodbye, therefore, to the athletic blond, combed and well-mannered, The superhero Arthur Curry, half human and half Atlantean, has been transfigured into a bearded hunk with brisk manners and hypertrichotic hair. So, apart from the color of his hair, Jasom Momoa has revealed himself to be the perfect interpreter to dress the as Aquaman on the big screen.

The former Khal Drogo, leader of the Dothraki, this time however does not fight to sit on the Iron Throne. The Atlantean massif must get its hands on the Trident forged by the God Poseidon and capable of reuniting the seven seas. But at least at the beginning of the film Arthur seems more interested in having a pile of pints of beer with his old parent, a melancholy lighthouse keeper, and perhaps, when tipsy, indulging in a few selfies with the fans.

Amber Heard is Mera

However, behind a great man (and Aquaman is one in every sense) there is always a great woman. In the film she has the features of the fabulous Amber Heard. Squeezing a flirtatious bright green onesie, Johnny Depp’s ex-wife takes on the role of Mera, daughter of King Nereus and princess of the aquatic kingdom of Xebel. Thanks to the stubbornness of this strong-willed heroine with red hair and the ability to manipulate water, Arthur will accept her fate. The solitary sea dog will overcome his natural reluctance and face the trials to become the hero of two worlds. Starting from the name, Arthur, it is clear that Excalibur, Arthur and the knights of the Round Table have influenced the film. But there is no shortage of nods to Gladiator, Game of Thrones, the Lord of the Rings saga and Shakespeare’s tragedies, but also to an action comedy like In search of the green stone. However, director James Wan’s skill lies in playing with these iconic and archetypal elements lightly, mixing high and low. Just think of the very tasty quote from Pinocchio or the sequence set in Sicily. And as director of many cult horror films (Saws, Insidius and The Conjuring) Wan also gives us some downright terrifying and evil creatures.

THE cast of Aquaman

As we know, a Cinecomics isn’t a Cinecomics if there isn’t a large team of villains present. In addition to the sea monsters, Aquaman can count on Orm (Patrick Wilson), Arthur’s half-brother who aspires to the title of Ocean Master and dreams of conquering the surface world, and on David Kane (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), a mercenary pirate destined to become Black Manta.

Luckily, on the good side we find Wulko (Daniel Defoe), chief scientific advisor of Atlantis, as well as Arthur’s mentor, accustomed to riding hammerhead sharks and Atlanna (Nicole Kidman), Aquaman’s mother and former queen of Atlantis.

A fairytale world

Another strong point of the film is having built an evocative imaginary world in which the protagonists swim, talk, love and fight. Filmed largely in Australia, on the east coast of the continent, the film transformed the oceans into a kaleidoscope of colours, visions, emotions. The seven different kingdoms (Atlantis, Brine, Fisherman, Xebel, Trench, Deserter and Lost) are a visual feast for spectators. Like a tide the action sequences suspend disbelief. And if he abandons us to these clear fresh waters, we perceive thatand Aquaman is one of the best films based on a DC Comics comic.