Aracely Arámbula showed for the first time Daniel, the youngest son of Luis Miguel

Aracely Arámbula shared with her Instagram followers a photo of Daniel, who just turned 13 years old. For a long period, the artist decided not to expose the faces of her children since they are minors.

Between images of gifts, family memories and messages of love, Aracely celebrated his youngest son. The actress spent almost four years in a relationship with Luis Miguel. They had two children that she decided to preserve from public life: Miguel and Daniel. They are a year and a few months apart.

The surprise that Aracely Arambula He gave his followers was great, since two months ago he had a serious episode with a journalist, to protect the personal space and private life of his children.

His son Daniel’s birthday cake. Source: Instagram @aracelyarambula

Aracely she was inside a truck with one of her children, surrounded by reporters. A communicator, in an attempt to get the Chihuahuan to make statements, struggled and opened the door. The reaction of the actress and singer was quick and hid her son’s face.

Aracely Arámbula and her son Daniel. his son Daniel. Source: Instagram @aracelyarambula

Annoying, the ex of Luis Miguel and his legal representative, were against those who harassed her and did not respect the privacy of her minor children, who, because they are children of celebrities, do not have to show themselves before the cameras, according to the artist, and their personal space, physical and psychological integrity.