Aracely Arámbula throws forceful indirect against Luis Miguel

Talking about the horrible moment she lived in Los Angeles, Aracely Arámbula left some gifts for Luis Miguel by the tangent. In Los Angeles, a reporter opened the door of her truck in which she was with Daniel and Miguel. He did it by trying to photograph minors who do not want to be public figures. The journalist did not identify herself as such and gave the actress and the singer’s children a great scare.

Always kind to the press, he says: “For good things can be done well”, and spoke about managing the lives of his children. At the interview, Aracely Arambula made it clear that the public image of children is managed by her, that the Sun of Mexico does not prohibit anything in relation to children and that the latter is rather an absent father.

In 1989 it was already possible to glimpse the way in which Luis Miguel would exercise paternity. In the remembered interview that he gave to Verónica Castro, the singer was unaware of a personal circumstance that was more than transcendent.

By that time it was already rumored that Stephanie Salas was pregnant with Luis Miguel. Indeed, Michele Salas was born and has had a long history of disagreements with “Luismi” throughout her life, and it seems that history repeats itself with her other two children.

“I have the role of head of the family. I can’t say that mom and dad’s (but) all decisions fall on me “, he said. Aracely. “They have shared things with their cousin in Miami” in relation to the little contact that the boys have with their paternal family. Controversy at the door for Luis Miguel, which already brings other problems that his autobiographical series has generated.