Arca Fondi and Bper, 850 trees planted in Castelfranco Emilia

Eight hundred and fifty new trees planted in Castelfranco Emilia between Modena and Bologna to redevelop an area of ​​about one hectare. It was presented today by Arca Fondi Sgr And B for Bank the new green project, a wooded area that over time may not only become usable for the population but also mitigate the atmospheric pollution caused by the nearby Via Emilia and also the phenomenon of heat islands in urban centers.

The planting of the trees was possible thanks to the subscription by investor customers to the Arca Oxygen Plus fund, distributed by Bper Banca, which for each subscription foresees new trees in different areas of Italy. “3000 customers have already subscribed to this fund – explains Ermanno Ruozzi Director of the Bper Banca Territorial Area – which invests in companies that make energy saving one of their main mantras, but at the same time, as these investments grow, Arca Sgr is committed to planting 9 thousand plants over the next 3 years “.

The environmental issue is a very important issue for the bank, because alongside traditional practices, the discussion must extend to social well-being, to the well-being of the community – continues – 100% of the electricity we consume is self-produced, we have built one of the most important photovoltaic parks in the region in the parking lot of the Service Center, our credit and debit cards are made with plastic that comes from recycling, we have made competitions for our employees offering shopping coupons for those who go to work without using polluting private vehicles, all our branches and offices have been overhauled for energy efficiency “.

The woods that will be planted in the context of this initiative will become part of the Green Mosaic project, launched by AzzeroCO2 and Legambiente in 2018 which aims to facilitate local authorities in the recovery of green areas and the willingness of individuals to invest resources in the creation and protection of woodland heritage.

One of the objectives of the Arca Oxygen Plus Fund – he comments Marco Parmigiani, Territorial Planning Network Development Arca Fondi Sgr – is that of reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, thanks to the success and the great interest shown by customers we can plant these 850 trees that will make the area healthier and liveable over time, we believe that this is a testimony of proximity to the territory, and demonstrates how sustainable finance can create virtuous effects for the environment and the community. Doing just a bank is no longer enough the world is evolving rapidly the planet needs urgent interventions and we believe that finance can do a lot by bringing resources to those companies that are more committed to a world with zero impact “.