Archie Battersbee, by 12 today the doctors will unplug the child in a coma

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The English judges have also rejected the parents’ latest appeal and for Archie Battersbee it really seems over. Despite the family’s opposition, the Court of Appeal has set the implementation of the green light at the end of life support for the boy for today at noon. The 12-year-old British man has been in a coma since April 7, when he was found unconscious at home and has since been hospitalized at the London Royal Hospital.

Court of Appeal ignores requests from parents

The decision of the Court of Appeals had already been authorized in three levels of judgment by the British courts. Hollie and Paul, parents of the 12-year-old, still believe in the possibility of Archie awakening and in recent days they have turned to the Court of Appeal again to ask to allow the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNRPD) to examine the case. The Committee had accepted and had in turn asked the judges to freeze the process pending their own ruling. However, the Court limited itself to postponing the action, initially scheduled for yesterday afternoon, at 12 noon today.

Family lawyers: “Violation of international law”

“Our son must not die”. This is the appeal of the parents of little Archie. Hollie and Paul have never stopped challenging the decisions of the Court of Appeals. One of the family’s lawyers also called the choice of judges a potential “violation of international law” but, with no last-minute changes, this time for Archie Battersbee there seems to be nothing more to be done.