Arctic irruption on Italy, weather today and tomorrow: forecast

Icy air descending from Northern Europe will cause temperatures to drop significantly

The week that has just begun will see Italy plunge into winter again, after a long period characterized by temperatures well above seasonal averages and with little rainfall. An outbreak of arctic air is destined to cause further rainfall across the country, starting today, Monday 8 January, with the snow this time actually reaching the plains.

Antonio Sanò, founder of, communicates that today the latest rains and thundershowers will persist in the Centre-South and in Sicily. Cold air descending from Northern Europe of Arctic origin will manage to break through to the Mediterranean basin. Temperatures will consequently suffer a vertical collapse, reaching below the reference climate averages after a long time.

Precisely due to the drop in temperatures, the possibility of snowfall up to the plains between tomorrow, Tuesday 9 January, and Wednesday 10, especially in Piedmont, western Lombardy and the Ligurian interior, cannot be ruled out. In the central-southern regions there is a more than real risk of thunderstorms and strong winds along the most exposed coasts due to the persistence of the vast cyclonic area which will remain blocked over the Mediterranean basin at least until Thursday 11 January. Possible snowfall in the Apennines above 1300/1400 meters above sea level with real storms due to the rather lively ventilation.

Today, Monday 8 January – In the north: irregularly cloudy to overcast. In the centre: unstable at times with snow on the hills; heavy rain in Sardinia, windy everywhere. In the south: rain and strong winds. Snow at 1100 meters.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 9 January – In the north: unstable in Piedmont and Val d’Aosta, with snowfall at hilly levels. In the center: many clouds, rare rain. South: showers in upper Sicily and Puglia.

Wednesday 10 January – In the north, often overcast skies. Center: very cloudy; rainfall on the mountains, worsens in Sardinia. In the south: rains in Sicily and Calabria.

Trend: sunny in the North, still unstable in the Centre-South.