Are Benji and Fede back together? The indiscretion and the post on Instagram

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A little less than a week after the news of the end of the relationship with Bella Thorne, which left a bad taste in the mouth of the large group of Benjamin Mascolo fans, the spotlight returns to turn on the duo he was part of, Benji and Fede. The two Italian singers in the last period have embarked on a solo career, after the end of their collaboration announced with an Instagram post on July 16, 2021. But it is the well-known Italian magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini Who to launch the indiscretion according to which Benjamin Mascolo And Federico Rossi yes they would draw closer to reform the winning musical association that accompanied them from their debut in 2010 and led them for a long time to be protagonists of the streaming and radio charts thanks to their absolute catchphrases.

Is the duo Benji and Fede about to return?

Benji and Fede are preparing (perhaps) for one reunion. This is the news that has intrigued all the people of the web and Italian music. According to an indiscretion, the duo who from 2010 to 2021 saw the artists play side by side Benjamin Mascolo And Federico Rossi, is about to rebuild itself after the surprise farewell last summer, communicated on social networks with an Instagram post where the photo of their exciting concert is framed by the words “Thank you”. Needless to say, such a small spark could have been a real fuse for the curiosity and joy of the public who invaded the social profiles of the two solo artists, as well as that of the couple, with messages of surprise and appreciation. The decision to put the flourishing collaboration on hold for a moment did not come by chance, but strongly desired by Mascolo and Rossi for the desire to dedicate themselves to themselves and their projects after having been unexpectedly invaded by the success of recent years, which has allowed them to become a real flagship phenomenon of the Italian pop.

Benji and Fede ready for a reunion? Which songs to listen to to get to know the duo better

Talking about how they unexpectedly met before starting such a long-standing friendship, they thought about it. Benji and Fede who in various interviews of the past years have revealed that they met via the Internet in December 2010 and then ended up sharing the same great passion for the seven notes that allowed them to give life to the duo we have all known as Benji and Fede. From that moment on, the rest is history, with the singers who have catalyzed an increasing attention of the local public to the sound of great hits, including summer hits all to dance to, but also more intense and romantic melodies. Here you are 10 essential successes by Benji and Fede to listen to in view of their possible reunion:

  1. Where and when
  2. All for a reason (with Annalisa)
  3. Moscow Mule
  4. Magnificent flaw
  5. Salt (with Shari)
  6. Universal
  7. Good luck
  8. Letter
  9. On Demand (with Shade)
  10. New York