Are Jorge Valdivia and Daniela Aranguiz going to get divorced? Bankruptcy rumors grow after mysterious video

The sentimental life of the couple made up of Jorge Valdivia Y Daniela Aranguiz It has always been one of the favorite themes of Chilean entertainment, not only because together they have formed a charming couple, but also because each one separately has a huge group of fans and admirers who marvel at their intimacies and extimities.

And it seems now that fairy tale that has been the history of the couple many times will come to an end.

And it is that although the problems, infidelities of the 10, and distances, have been part of the routine of the couple of local celebrities, this time they assure that the break is more than a momentary anger.

In increasingly famous and hitting Instagram program “I’m telling you”, conducted by Sergio Rojas Y Paula Escobar, The sentimental situation of Aranguiz and Valdivia was discussed.

As can be seen in the video, the journalist says “I got a video where Mr. Valdivia appears with another lady, holding on tight, over the weekend”.

And added that “Everything indicates that Jorge has returned to the slopes in glory and majesty, there the lady has him well grabbed by the neck. It is Mr. Jorge Valdivia in the Amanda club disco”

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The mother also spoke of the behavior of Jorge Valdivia

Although the Magician has been characterized by evading the problems of his private life with the same skill with which he dodged midfielders and defenders, during this last time he has been targeted by his closest circle and put in a place of discomfort where public opinion is has mixed with the opinion of his family circle.

In this regard, days ago, it was Sergio Rojas himself who said on his program that Elizabet Toro, the same mother of Jorge Valdivia, would be planning to reprove Valdivia’s behavior. “He had gone to live at his mother’s house, Mrs. Elizabeth Toro, in Peñalolén Alto… The thing is that it turns out that the mother. According to what they tell me, she got bored with Jorge Valdivia and threw him out on the street ”.

Paula Escobar also assured: “It is true that Daniela and Jorge are no longer together”. And it was mentioned that his close circle understands that Jorge Valdivia’s attitude is a path already started and without return: “Since he started dating Pinilla, we lost him”.

And not only that, but Rojas also said that the mother of the former La Roja midfielder is tired of Valdivia’s adventures and said: “He got bored that Jorge Valdivia with Claudio (his brother) arrived at 5 in the morning, all of them out of night, over drinks, in quite deplorable conditions, very poor”.

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“There is no turning back” Are Jorge Valdivia and Daniela Aranguiz going to get divorced?

After all the back and forth that have been leaked in the press, and where there is already talk of an irreconcilable situation between the former Yingo dancer and the former Palmeiras, in the Zona Latina TV program it was stated that the relationship has already reached a point from which there is no turning back: “The divorce proceedings have already begun” and that it is “the definitive separation”, despite the fact that the retired midfielder “has tried to get back with Daniela”.

In media specialized in show business not only is there talk of separation but also of a “revenge” on the part of Daniela Aranguiz who recently said “Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I would like to add just one: revenge”leaving a trail of doubt, mystery and fire behind his comment.

This is the video in which Jorge Valdivia is seen dancing with another woman at Club Amanda

On the twitter of the news portal Chili Show They made a fragment of the video in which the Magician can be seen dancing happily with a woman who until now remains anonymous but who clearly looks very close and happy with him. George Valdivia.