“Are you afraid that …”: Maria De Filippi tells a background that concerns Maurizio Costanzo

Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo are two institutions for television, but there is a backstory that frightens the presenter, she reveals it.

How do you think to television entertainment without taking into account these two pillars? Maurice Costanzo he is a top-level journalist and presenter, and is a source of inspiration for many who want to take this path. Maria DeFilippi is her other half, and we can define her as a workaholic who devotes body and soul to her work. Recently, she is there Queen of Mediaset who let herself go to stories concerning private life, especially in the fears that live in everyday life. here is the backstory that no fan would ever suspect.

Maria De Filippi fear (Credits: @defilippimariaa)- Sologossip

Maria DeFilippi she is a woman who always does something for a reason, she leaves nothing to chance. She is not only a presenter, but she is also creator than most programs that are loved by the audience at home. So, we can confirm that it just never stops. Despite this, she shares moments with her husband, Maurice Costanzo. United by a superfine intelligence and a complicity which has lasted for over twenty years, are the protagonists of an episode of private life that it’s really scary at the Queen of Mediaset.

Maria De Filippi confesses the unprecedented fear to the fans

The news comes from the newspaper Vanity Fair, whom he gets an interesting interview with Maria DeFilippi. She is asked about almost everything, even some fight live, and if she ever took a pebble out of her shoe. One of the most recent cases dates back to its most famous format, Friends 19 when he scolded Valentine, Latin dancer and student of the school, in front of all of Italy. The presenter herself reiterates that she would do it again, because she knows how many young people have the dream of being part of the school, and are unable to enter.

It also states that they didn’t hear directly following the episode, but there was a confrontation with the authors and Valentin who would have liked to receive the prize for whoever loses the challenge. Obviously, he didn’t have it, because he had it self-deleted following her request to leave the stage. Thus, between work, unexpected events and situations to manage, Maria DeFilippi find time to be with Maurice Costanzobut that’s where his fear comes in.

Maria De Filippi interview
Maria De Filippi fear (Credits: @defilippimariaa)- Sologossip

Even Italy’s busiest and most loved presenter relaxes. She often says she plays Wii, but also watches Netflix like any other person. There Vanity Fair editorial team he asks her if she looks at him with Mauritius, and it is here that he explains which is his fear.

“No look, he doesn’t see television series because he hates them”explains the presenter who then continues: “The first series that I let him discover was H24: we watched the first episode and, when I proposed to continue, he looked at me and told me I was crazy. He is afraid that a series will make him addictive, and that’s why he doesn’t want to see them ”.