“Are you jealous?”, Francesca Tocca surprises the audience: surprise response

When asked “Are you jealous?”, The dancer Francesca Tocca surprises the audience: here is the surprise answer from Raimondo Todaro’s wife

The dancer Francesca Tocca protagonist of a curtain with Maria De Filippi and her husband Raimondo Todaro during the afternoon episode of the talent show “Amici”. When asked by the hostess “are you jealous?”, Tocca’s response surprised the audience.

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Francesca Tocca’s response displaces the public: her words (Source: Instagram)

Francesca Tocca surprises the audience: her response

Francesca Tocca is one of the professional dancers of the talent show “Friends“, Broadcast on Canale 5 and conducted by Maria De Filippi. Before being the dancer of the famous TV show, Francesca is also the wife of Raimondo Todaro, a dancer who became famous thanks to “Dancing with the Stars”.

From this year, Raimondo Todaro works in the talent show of Canale 5 as a judge. Francesca and Raimondo have therefore reunited, as well as sentimentally, after a period of crisis, also from the working point of view.

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Francesca Tocca, professional Friends
(Source: Screen Mediaset Infinity)

In today’s episode of “Amici”, Francesca Tocca and Raimondo Todaro were the protagonists of a nice curtain together with the hostess and other protagonists of the talent show. De Filippi had Francesca read a ‘secret’ about her husband. In fact, one of the protagonists of the talent show wrote: “After the bachata with the teacher Celentano, I would like to make a rumba with you too“.

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The author of the secret note was Lorella Cuccarini. The two therefore performed in a rumba in the studio and Todaro wanted his wife to be in the studio watching. At that point, De Filippi let the professional dancer in and asked her: “You are jealous?“. Francesca’s response, however, surprised the audience. The dancer has in fact hinted that she is not jealous of her husband, despite being Sicilian. Todaro, on the other hand, is very jealous of his wife.