Arera, increases the price of gas: +4.8% in the month of September

The public authority that sets energy tariffs on the protected market has established that in the month of September the gas bill increased by almost 5%. The increase is entirely due to the increase in raw materials since the general charges and prices linked to transport costs have remained unchanged

The ten million Italians who make use of the more protected tariffs and have not joined the free market tariffs will pay 4.8% more for gas in the month of September. The elimination of general charges and the VAT reduction to 5% have been confirmed for the whole of 2023, as well as for the management of heat and district heating.

Codacons: total spending has risen to 2091 euros per year per unit

“The 4.8% increase in gas tariffs ordered by Arera brings the average bill of a family in the protected market to 1,327 euros per year which, added to the 764 euros for electricity after the price increases that occurred in the last quarter, raise spending on electricity and gas at a total of 2,091 euros per year per household, +181 euros per year compared to previous tariffs”. Codacons states this, updating Arera’s tariffs. What is most worrying is the risk of a new escalation in energy prices in the winter months, when 80% of household gas consumption is concentrated.