Ares accelerates on transformation, focus on sustainable mobility

With an investment plan of 100 million, the brand is working on top-of-the-range electric mobility models that will complement the production of one-off or small series cars and motorbikes. Hiring is on the way as new shareholders enter, from Alfredo Altavilla to Marco Bizzarri

The growth plan of Ares, a luxury coachbuilder based in Modena, accelerates and evolves. In fact, the strategic transformation started in 2021 foresees the passage from the offer of an aesthetic customization service for luxury cars to the production of real self-designed models with a range of top-of-the-range electric mobility models that will allow it to address and to develop into an ever growing segment. Ares will continue to offer cars and motorcycles produced in small series or in one-off versions on the market, including the S1 project – a supercar entirely designed in house – as well as the 2, a reinterpretation of SUVs in the luxury segment. But the company is looking to reach an important new milestone with the launch of a series of luxury electric vehicles (bicycles, scooters, scooters, motorcycles and city cars) that will be previewed by the end of 2022.

In parallel with the launch of new products, Ares is developing and expanding its network of Studios, which will see the opening of three new locations – Bologna, Milan and London International Airport – by the end of 2022. These new spaces will expand the existing network – which goes from the United States to the Middle East, including Miami, Marbella, Kitzbühel, Munich, St. Moritz, Zurich, Modena and Dubai.

To achieve this important development, the innovative Modena-based company will invest almost 100 million euros over the next two years – until 2024 – which will allow it to carry out its ambitious business plan.

In addition, the company has embarked on a new hiring plan to expand its experienced staff in vehicle manufacturing, engineering and design. Particular emphasis will therefore be given to product innovation, multi-channel distribution and the digitization of processes and services to make Ares Modena an internationally recognized player in the hyper-luxury segment.

To support this ambitious plan, Ares announces the entry of three new shareholders who will support the strategic development of the Company and leverage their deep experience in the automotive, finance and luxury sectors. This is Alfredo Altavilla, a veteran of the Italian automotive industry and is currently the head of ITA Airways; Boris Collardi, Italian-Swiss banker, with experience in the Julius Baer and Pictet Group; and Marco Bizzarri, an Italian top manager of fashion and luxury, President and CEO of Gucci since 2015. Altavilla and Collardi will also join the board of Ares, in addition to the Swiss entrepreneur Philippe Gaydoul, who has already joined the 2019.