Aretha Franklin legacy, valid 2014 will found in sofa

The valid will is that of 2014. A Michigan jury ruled that the legacy of Aretha Franklin, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2018, is the one found under the cushion of a sofa (in the house of the queen of soul on the outskirts of Detroit) and not the one from 2010 found in a locked drawer of a desk.

The legal dispute

A legal dispute that saw the singer’s 4 children divided. The third son, Ted White (the youngest who had worked with his mother following her on tour as a guitarist), argued that the only valid will was that of 2010 which provided for an equitable distribution of assets and earnings from musical rights among the four heirs with the stipulation that Kecalf and Edward (the second and fourth child of the star) had to “attend economics courses and obtain a certificate or degree” to be able to obtain it. These two, for years, have asserted instead that the correct will was that of 2014.

The decision

After years, yesterday a jury established that the inheritance should be divided among the children according to the wishes expressed in the latest document: the earnings deriving from the musical rights must be divided between three children (all except Clarence, the eldest, who lives in a nursing home and was placed under guardianship due to his mental health condition). The second son and his children will go to the Bloomfield Hills house (where Aretha Franklin lived), a $ 1.2 million residence described as “the jewel in the crown”. To him also all the cars: a Mercedes-Benz, two Cadillacs and a Ford Thunderbird.