Arezzo, carbon monoxide poisoning in church: 4 children in hyperbaric chamber

The mayor of Cortona Meoni asks that investigators shed full light on the case, the second after just over a year

Four children were transferred last night to the Florentine hospital in Careggi, where they are being treated in a hyperbaric chamber, for the carbon monoxide poisoning that occurred in the church of Pergo, a hamlet in the municipality of Cortona (Arezzo). The incident occurred yesterday, Saturday 6 January, during a performance attended by around a hundred people. An adult who had shown significant discomfort was also hospitalized in the same hospital. None of them were in danger of dying.

Overall, there were over forty people who showed symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, albeit in a mild form – probably due to a defect in the heating system – and who resorted to emergency rooms after feeling ill and fainting. . At the San Donato hospital in Arezzo all the adults who showed up in the late afternoon of January 6 were discharged. Of the 6 children remaining hospitalized at the Donato hospital, discharge is expected shortly after the check-up. At the Fratta hospital in Cortona the patients were all discharged on the evening of January 6th.

The patients who had gone to the various emergency rooms alone returned home: 9 adults and 17 children. The patients at the Misericordia hospital in Grosseto have also all been discharged.

Mayor Cortona: “Clarification”

The mayor of Cortona, Luciano Meoni, intervened on the matter and, in addition to expressing closeness to the families who remained intoxicated, appealed to the investigators “to clarify the interventions carried out after the previous case in December 2022”.

“Our thoughts go first and foremost to the little ones who are hospitalized, hoping that they will soon be able to return home – declared the mayor – It is truly unpleasant that a moment that should have been a celebration has turned into such a distressing situation. I thank the rescuers and all the healthcare personnel, law enforcement and civil protection forces for the efficiency demonstrated. On Saturday afternoon, as soon as I was informed of the incident, I went to the site together with the municipal police. I thank the firefighters who now have the task of establishing the exact causes of the incident. It is certainly not tolerable that such incidents occur just over a year after a similar incident. I ask that full light be shed and that all necessary measures be taken to the good of the local community”.

Just over a year ago a similar episode occurred

The mayor of Cortona already in the aftermath of the first episode, which happened in Pergo in December 2022, expressed a reminder about the importance of maintenance and the correct use of heating systems. “From the statements of the last few hours we learn that after that episode interventions were carried out and that the new system was also certified – declares the mayor – I therefore ask that the aforementioned technicians provide all the necessary explanations, I also ask that the places are protected and that the state of the systems is analyzed as quickly as possible, in order to understand the exact causes of the malfunction. An entire community has been affected and the municipal administration, in concert with the investigators, is ready to do all the necessary steps to protect people and families, in every location”.