Argentina-France, Gasparri: “Messi’s pajamas ruined the award ceremony”

The Arab dress ‘imposed’ on Messi “I wouldn’t want it to be a cultural message to say ‘tomorrow we will be in charge'”

“I applaud Messi and Argentina, but this affair of the Arab ‘pyjamas’, imposed by that sheikh, has made us perceive an attitude of prevarication with Messi who had to lift the cup and do the awards wearing a garment that wasn’t his, covering the national team shirt”. This is how Forza Italia senator Maurizio Gasparri comments on RaiNews24 on the images of the award ceremony after the final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Leo Messi, the driving force behind Argentina’s world champion, was ‘invited’ to wear an Arab dress.

“It was a very unpleasant act of intrusiveness and I wouldn’t want it to be a cultural message to say ‘tomorrow we’ll be in charge’. Messi had to take off his black ‘pajamas’ and he had to rebel against this imposition which somewhat polluted an award ceremony which concerned the Argentine team. It was a negative page that does not erase Messi’s value but makes us understand how some Muslims are intrusive, overbearing and to be rejected to the sender”, concludes Gasparri.