Argentina, left loses mid-term elections, Fernàndez: call for dialogue

The first reactions were cautious. Argentine President Alberto Fernàandez probably predicted that even mid-term elections would be tough for his term.

A mandate started under the worst auspices: on the one hand a serious economic crisis, on the other a pandemic that has mowed down the country.

A mandate started under the worst auspices

The head of state laconically commented on the advance of the right and the loss of the majority in the Senate-

“With these elections, a stage has come to an end” which entails demanding challenges, such as the restructuring of the debt with the IMF, “still to be resolved”. And then “the health crisis, caused by a pandemic that has created serious social problems, which however we are gradually overcoming”.

Faced with this situation, the Argentine president, to avoid operational paralysis, invited the opposition to dialogue. “We must give priority to national agreements if we want to solve the challenges we face”, said Fernàndez in his speech in which he stated that “a responsible opposition open to dialogue is a patriotic opposition”.

The appeal to dialogue with the opposition

If it is true that the half-way elections still physiologically mark a decline in consensus towards those who govern, on the other hand it should be noted that the day was not entirely unfavorable for the government in office: in the province of Buenos Aires, the Frente de todos (Fdt) party which supports Fernandez, has performed well.

However, the elections also confirmed the government’s downturn in the House, where the Fdt is on the verge of losing a relative majority, which could pass to the opponent. Also clear is the success of the opposition in the capital, where it has been in government for some time, and which with Maria Eugenia Vidal has surpassed the government candidate Leonardo Santoro by more than 20 points.