Argentina, man points gun at vice president Kirchner: arrested

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A man pointed a gun at the head of Argentine Vice President Christina Kirchner. It happened in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires: in the videos shown by several television channels, the vice president is seen approaching the crowd in front of her house, probably to sign a copy of her autobiography, and then we see the man, a Brazilian 35-year-old naturalized Argentine, pointing the gun at his temple for a few seconds, before being stopped and arrested. There was no shot from the gun. “Cristina is alive because, for a reason that has not yet been technically confirmed, the gun that she had 5 bullets in the barrel did not fire despite the trigger being pulled,” said Argentine president Alberto Fernández.

The investigations

“Now the situation needs to be analyzed by our forensic staff,” said Security Minister Anibal Fernandez. The public TV has exclusively released a video in which one sees, in the crowd that greets Kirchner outside his residence, the outstretched arm of an individual holding a gun. The man then points the weapon a few inches from the vice president’s head and allegedly tried to pull the trigger, without firing the shot. As reported by the Telam news agency, he was arrested by the police after being blocked by Kirchner’s security and identified as Fernando André Sabag Montiel. Born in Brazil and naturalized in Argentina, he is 35 years old and has some criminal record for illegal carrying of arms. A few meters from the scene of the attack, the Argentine media reported, an Argentine-made 32 caliber Bersa pistol was found with 5 bullets in the magazine and in a position to fire. According to the first hypotheses, the reasons for the gesture could be linked to the accusations of fraud and corruption received by Kirchner last week and related to the award of public contracts in his stronghold of Santa Cruz, in the south of the country, during his two presidential terms. at the Casa Rosada between 2007 and 2015. The prosecution asked for twelve years of imprisonment and a perpetual ban from public office.

The condemnation of the gesture

The attack on the vice president was condemned by the opposition coalition Together for Change, which called for an investigation into the facts, as well as by the government. AlsoArgentine President Alberto Fernández condemned the attempted assault. “What happened is the most serious attack since we regained our rights in 1983”, since the return of democracy to the country, he said. In a climate of great general emotion for what happened, the head of state ordered that today’s day, Friday 2 September, be considered a holiday “so that in peace and harmony the people can express themselves in defense of life and democracy and in solidarity with our vice president “. Speaking on TV to the Argentines, the president explained: “Cristina is alive because, for a reason that has not yet been technically confirmed, the gun that had 5 bullets in the barrel did not fire despite the trigger being pulled”.