Argentina, points gun at Cristina Kirchner: arrested

The man is a Brazilian citizen. President Fernández: “She is still alive because the weapon did not fire even though the trigger was pulled”

A man was arrested on Thursday after attempting to shoot Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, vice president and former president of Argentina, point blank outside her home in Buenos Aires. A video released by TN Argentina shows Kirchner smiling as he walks past a crowd of people when a man points a gun in the face of the vice president.

The attacker was arrested after a few seconds of confusion and panic. The official Argentine news agency, Télam, released the name of the man, who appears to be a Brazilian citizen. The Argentine security ministry confirmed that the weapon was a pistol with bullets inside.

“Cristina is still alive because – for some reason that we cannot technically confirm at this time – the weapon, which was armed with five bullets, did not fire even though the trigger was pulled,” Argentine President Alberto Fernández said in a television broadcast last night, calling the assassination attempt an attack on democracy. “We must eradicate hatred and violence from our media and political discussions,” he said.