Ariele, remember your first love and your first… Appointment: the video

Ariel it is my alter ego that represents the most unconscious part of my personality, perhaps, dare I say, the most authentic part. Ariele, in fact, allowed me to complete a dream that I had had for a long time, to make my music reach as many people as possible, to be able to share personal thoughts and stories, to try my hand at a musical genre like that of Soul Music which It has accompanied me since I was a teenager and makes it accessible to everyone in a context very different society than that of his origin. And it is precisely by referring to the

my great passion for black music that the song and the video clip were born “Appointment”which I wrote 6 years ago, full of 80’s Soul/Funk sounds, the right compromise between new and old.

The text is absolutely autobiographical, I went back a few years, in particular to, in my opinion, the most beautiful but at the same time troubled period that each of us experienced: adolescence and, in particular, my first falling in love from which it takes I’m also inspired by the story of the video clip. I tried to recreate in the form of words and images all those sensations that still today, a years later, I remember perfectly: the heartbeat of knowing he is at your house while he is waiting for you

he had come to pick me up in his red car from outside the house and I felt all the anxiety and embarrassment of the first time – the embarrassment of the first kisses, the summer that seemed like it would never end, the stories with friends. And it is precisely by retracing these “images” that the video clip of “Appointment”: through a discussion with Ciccio Leo, producer of the Ariele project and co-author, we decided to faithfully reproduce a typical date between two teenagers who they began to get to know each other in those years where pure values ​​and feelings were still preserved,

where courtship and knowing how to slowly discover each other still existed, all things that I personally notice are being lost.

Fundamental for the writing of this song was the collaboration with Eramo Nubi, a Sicilian rapper who I had the pleasure of meeting and with whom I had the opportunity to compare, his old school bars in the second block of the song, manage to bring the song in another dimension, a perfect combination of innovation and elegance. Two other strong leaders that I would like to mention because, without them, the song would not have been the same are two great friends and musicians: Federico Gucciardo (drummer) and Daniele Raciti (guitarist) together with Ciccio Leo’s keyboards have perfectly interpreted the sound mood that should have “Appointment”. The mix is ​​by Riccardo Piparo and the mastering is by Roberto Romano. The video clip was created by a special person who was able to immediately put me at ease, making the interpretation work truly fluid, Giuseppe Vaiuso. I tried to naturally express all the expectations and fears I had in feeling love. Years later, when I think about it, I smile again because they are such strong emotions that fortunately have remained in time and in the memory.