Arisa, drastic choice: the new hair color will leave you speechless

Revolution in Arisa’s look: the singer, fresh from the experience at Dancing with the stars, showed off with a new hair color.

His voice is one of the most beautiful in the entire Italian music scene and has conquered everyone since his participation in the 59th edition of the Sanremo Festival in 2009.

Arisa, sudden change of look: the new hair color will leave you speechless (Instagram)

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Since then the success of Arisa she has not known any setbacks and, little by little, in addition to making it as a singer, she has also become a very strong television personality. Thanks to a fascinating personality to be discovered: Rosalba Pippa it pierces the screen when we see it on TV in other guises as well.

For example, his adventure as a singing coach at Amici was unforgettable for the talent audience. Or, her participation as a competitor in Dancing with the Stars has left her mark so much that it has prompted viewers to elect her as the winner.

Her original personality was immediately noticed also in the look: who does not remember her on the stage of the Ariston Theater when she won among the New Proposals of Sanremo with the song Sincerity? Her huge black-rimmed glasses, bright red lipstick and her fringed bob made her instantly iconic!

In nearly thirteen years since then, Arisa has changed her look countless times, especially when it comes to her hair. Between new cuts and colors, she has never failed to impress everyone with her choices that are anything but trivial. In Dancing with the Stars she had platinum blonde hair, medium length and bangs, but now she has decided to change again. The new image of her has just appeared on her Instagram profile, let’s find out!

Arisa, goodbye blonde hair: the new color leaves you speechless

Just in these hours, the famous Genoese singer has posted some shots that show the new shade of her hair.

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After wearing the most different cuts and colors and even shaving her hair, this time she shocked everyone by choosing the pink: that’s right! Her length and bangs remained the same, but Arisa said goodbye to the platinum blonde who accompanied her in recent months and revolutionized her look. In the post, under the photos of her we read: “Don’t call me Rosy, my name is Ros”. A total pink that is enchanting, it must be admitted.

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Arisa hair color
Photo source: Instagram

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