Arisa, how she has changed over the years: a very old video appears, she looks like a different person

The girl in the video is Arisa, even if today she has completely changed. Do you remember what she was like in the beginning? She has changed so much, it doesn’t look like her

Rosalba Pippain art Arisewas born in Genoa on August 20, 1982. Today she is one of the most successful and loved Italian singers by the public, now on the crest of the wave for many years. Although she was born in Liguriagrew up in a small town in the Basilicata, where he began to develop a passion for music and singing. Not everyone knows that her stage name is an acronym for her family members.

Arisa today (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

At just four years old he participated in the singing competition Get sent by momconducted by Gianni Morandi. As a child she tried to be inspired by Mariah Carey And Celine Dion, he really began to take his first steps in the world of music at the end of the 90s, participating in some competitions with some success. In 2007 she obtained a scholarship at the Tuscolano European Center from Mogul.

From that moment everything changed: in 2008 he won the singing competition SanremoLabwith Simona Molinariand the following year he made his stage debut at theAristonsinging the song Sincerity. In that occasion, Arise duetted with Lelio Luttazzi and won the Critics Award “My Martini”. Here she is in a 2009 video, while she plays her first hit. Looking back at her today, she almost seems like a different person!

How much Arisa has changed, here she is in a 2009 video

Sincerity is the first major success of Ariseinterpreted in 2009 at the San Remo Festival. This song triumphed in the category “New Proposals” and, from that moment, the singer of Potenza origins took off, starting to collect one success after another. A few years later, precisely in the 2014 edition, you triumphed in the Sanremo event among the “Big” with the song Upwind. Its holdings in San Remofor the moment, there are six.

Today we want to offer you a video in which we see a young woman Ariseat the time twenty-seven years old, making his debut with Sincerity. The performance was recorded at Sunday In on March 8, 2009, a few days after the end of the San Remo Festivalthat year conducted with great success by Fabio Fazio And Luciana Littizzetto. In the video we can admire a young artist with her old look.

Arise, in fact, still has the bob and big glasses that allowed her to get noticed at the beginning of her career. In addition to her splendid voice, the singer born in Genoa forty years ago she was always loved by the Italian public for her clumsiness in front of the cameras, at least in the early years of her career. In fact, for some years Rosalba Pippa she has changed her style and attitude, even posting photos in lingerie on her social accounts.