Arisa, the dramatic confession of the singer: “I was beginning to scream”

Arisa in an interview released a confession in which she talked about her past: “I was beginning to scream”.

Lately Arisa gave an interview to the weekly Oggi in which he talked about various themes of his life, telling himself in the round. There are many statements made, including on the sentimental issue. She explained, after the recent relationship, that she understood that she had to deal with people of her own age: “It is difficult to relate to those who are smaller ”.

Arisa, the confession (credits: youtube)

The singer confessed that she has always had unbalanced relationships and now she prefers to give up love, despite the fact that she has always dreamed of it since she was a child. She says that at some point she begins to feel the desire for motherhood: “At a certain point we women feel the desire for motherhood and we become the mother of our man“. She experiences love as a precious feeling and instead understands that for others she is ‘an old woman who wants to be a mother’.

And speaking of the desire to become a mother, she says that it is better to face this thing alone, and not with a partner. She lives the fear that a love may end and instead for her this is forever. Arisa talked a lot about herself, going into the chat even in a not-so-sunny moment in her past.

Arisa, the singer’s unexpected confession: “I was beginning to scream”

Arisa has changed a lot over the years. When we saw her on the stage of the Sanremo Festival singing the song Sincerità it was very different from today. We have always seen her with different looks, different haircuts and colors that are never the same. Especially in recent years she tends to be much more daring.

She likes herself and she admits it herself. She admitted it for example in a social post in which she writes at the bottom of a series of photos: “I feel really cool today“, And it is but it always has been, only sometimes you have to look at yourself with different eyes. In an interview with the weekly Oggi, the singer talked about many personal aspects of her life. She confessed her desire to become a mother. She understood, however, that it is better to face it alone and not with a partner: “Because I am afraid of the love that ends, for me love is really forever. The idea of ​​death, the end of a relationship, that my parents can go away drives me crazy “, he writes. During the chat, the singer also talked about when she began to take her first steps in music and the sacrifices she made then to be able to get to where she is today.

arisa confession
Arisa, past story (credits: youtube)

When she arrived in Milan she worked as a hairdresser and in the evening instead she worked in a club: “I slept an hour a night, I was exhausted, I started screaming, I shaved my hair for the first time”, he confesses, as reported by Our TV. Arisa later won a scholarship from Mogol and from that moment, she says, it all started.