Arisa, unexpected twist: the singer reacted like this

Really unexpected twist for the beloved singer, Arisa just did not expect it: how the artist reacted

On the threshold of 40 years Arisa she arrived there with a wealth of success. The beloved artist is today one of the best known and loved faces in the music scene, she has blown out her forty candles and is ready to embark on the new adventure that will see her busy next year with the new edition of Amici.

Arisa twist (Credits: Youtube)

She celebrated her 40th birthday just 3 days ago but the singer was caught by a twist which has practically amazed and left everyone speechless, perhaps, including her. Surrounded by her dearest affections, the singer certainly never expected to see such a gesture, something that perhaps pleasantly surprised her. What happened.

Arisa, twist for the singer: how she reacted

A great artist who in the Italian music scene has been able to stand out and be appreciated and loved for her music. However, Arisa’s talents do not stop there because we actually saw her juggling the various dance steps in the latest edition of Dancing with the Stars. Edition that she gave to Arisa strong emotions and sensations that led her to approach and bond with the dancer Vito Coppolto. A love that seemed to have spread its wings even away from the cameras, however the love story between the two then came to an end. At the weekly Oggi, Arisa had revealed the bitter disappointment felt with the break with the dancer. But just as the singer had left her statement, here she comes like a ‘bolt from the blue’ a twist really unexpected.

Arisa, whose real name is Rosalba Pippa, celebrated her 40th birthday just 3 days ago. And right on her birthday here comes a twist that left the singer speechless. A shot accompanied by a lot of caption that surprised practically everyone, shared by the dancer in his social gallery, sees Vito Coppola and Arisa together. A shot that the dancer has published to wish the best to his ex.

arisa shot
Arisa and Vito Coppola, twist (Credits: Instagram)

“Friday 24 December 2021. 11.31 am, halfway between Eboli and Pignola. One of the most random and beautiful moments that I jealously guard. In my opinion, this photo and video are among the most significant and representative ”, wrote the dancer who had just flown to England to start dedicating himself to the English edition of Dancing with the stars.

However, the message continues: “You already know everything. I already know everything. The important thing is this and no one will ever be able to understand. Happy birthday to you who are the bread. Happy birthday to you who have a soul as white as snow, clear as water and fresh and light as air“.